Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Harbortown Bobber

This is our favoutite eye food right now. A movie by Scott DiLalla and Zack Coffman (they did Choppertown: the Sinners too) following the two year build of Scott's 69 Triumph bobber from the ground up. So damn watchable - it's pretty low key, which is a good thing. This is everything that's missing from shithouse reality TV programs, biker beat-off and Jackarse style motorcycle DVDs. It's honest meat and potatoes motorcycle building by people who know what the fuck they are doing and why they're doing it - cause they love it. Some of the people who work on the build include Earl Kane, Dennis Goodson, Irish Rich and Jay Katoka. I especially enjoyed the segments with Earl and Irish Rich - no fast edits and bad music, just a really interesting fly on the wall view of these craftsmen at work. It kind of remided me of watching old skateboard movies like Wheels Of Fire. Very cool part from Cindy Rutherford from Century Motorcycles who also used to be Von Dutch's partner - some great stories. The finished bike is awesome and watching this will inspire you to progress what ever project you're working on. Buy it now www.harbortownbobber.com


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