Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Was Nobody Swapping Meat At The Swap Meet?

Had a rad time at Kumeu over the weekend. I camped with the Scroungers (thanks chaps) didn't quite manage to unpack my tent but since I didn't really sleep it wasn't a big problem. There were grumbles galore about the jacked up prices and rumour has it the organisers have sold the event, but all in all it was great. Best thing I saw all weekend was Pete's box of free kittens - he's had it for three years and uses it for looking up the skirts and down the tops of hot chicks who bend down to see the cute little pussy cats - which of course aren't there. Brilliant. Here's a few shots including one of Mr Bones - he gets around! Lots of sweet swap meet action and I picked up a 1938 BSA ladies bike that's gonna come up great. Steve Levine's new paint job made it's debut on Noddy's Revenge - awesome. He's hoping to have it mobile for this weekend. The two door Falcon gasser was pretty damn cool and was doing laps round the swap meet at dusk on Friday night. Evil.


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