Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Elephantitus - the mag is finished!

There's a bit in the gay movie Mask where Cher gets off the back of a bike wearing a leather skirt and dances and is so happy and she's so stoked and Sonny Bono hasn't died in a skiing accident yet and her son in the movie has a bung face but he's still just such a good kid and his hair is pretty rad despite his elephantitus and everyone is stoked and happy and dancing and happy and stoked.

That is exactly how we feel because we finished the first issue last night and sent it to te printer this morning. Unless we've totally fucked it up we'll have it back for the weekend and will be heading to the Beach Hop on Saturday with copies.

We'll let you know where you can buy it from real soon. In the mean time email me if you want a copy. It's fucking good, if we do say so. And we do!


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