Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cackle Fest Glory Hole - mmmmmmm.

The internet is like a great big electronic glory hole - we're on this side of the "wall" offering up all we have, and you're on the other, licking your lips.

Well here's a right old mouthful for you - pics from Australia's first official cacklefest last Saturday. Jon Van Daal was there and caught all the action - awesome!

1 - Ross Preen's Banshee at full noise during the Nitro Champs Cacklefeast
2 - The Scorcher and The Banshee are fired side by side
3 - AA/Dave spins the tyres while up on the stands
4 - Dennis Young fires up The Scorcher
5 - The Scorcher!
6 - Graeme Cowin feeds the Cowin & Johns AA/FA T Bucket. Sluuuurp.
7 - This was the scene in the pits before the afternoon fire up
8 - AA/Dave's Sand Man digger makes some noise
9 - Earlier in the day Ross Preen fires up the Banshee in the pits

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