Monday, June 7, 2010

Space Truckin!

Well we hit the road before dawn on Friday in search of R.F.G.T (real fuckin good times) and we met some cool people and saw some crazy shit. First up was a visit to Rocket Speed Equipment in Hamilton. They have a bunch of cool projects on and have some serious capacity to turn out good shit.

A quick stop into Cambridge Panelworks to check out Dale Gerrards 25 Chrysler roadster. Used to be a four door but aint no more.

Next we hit Jimmy Haneim's for a look around. Awesome place and a nice guy - could have talked all day but Vegas was calling.

Got to Rotorua and hooked up with Russell Lowe and got some shots of his very cool model A, couple of beers and off to Palmerston North.

Desert Road - waiting for aliens.

We slept in a University car park and then hit up Kruzin Kustoms - Kendal has shit going on! Cool projects and cool stuff to drool over.

Next stop was Chris Berkin's house - his Willy's is a motherfucker and we loved it. Chris's street just happens to be a very long and straight piece of road. Let's just say I've had a ride in this car and leave it at that.

Chris and his boy took us to a pretty special place - loads of old tin and a dude called Wolf who's been collecting cool shit for 50 years. This place blew us away. Full story on all this jazz in issue 2 out July 5th.

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