Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fabricator Kevin says...

We got this pretty cool email from the legendary Fabricator Kevin - check this out...

Aaron and Andrew,

I don't know you, or how you ever decided to send me the first 2 copies of One Percent, but I am very glad that you did. I just got lost in the story about Bill Grant's Monster, and throroughly enjoyed it. A close friend of mine, now approaching 80 years old, installed a freshened V-12 Allison into a 1935 Hackercraft boat in the late '60's (see the attached pics). Having grown up watching Unlimited Hydro's race on the Detroit River, I'm very fond of these mills.

I'm a bike guy at heart, but enough of a motorhead to appreciate anything mechanical, and your mag hits the spot.

Anyhow, I dig the mag, and I thank you for sending me the copies you did. Keep up the good work, and I hope to bump into you lads one day. I did make a trip to New Zealand last November, and had a great time there.

Respectfully, Kevin


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