Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Whitford Chronicles

When I was growing up the only reason you went to Whitford was to go to the tip or buy weed. We took a drive out there for another reason though last week and had a sniff around Mac's Speed Shop. First thing that jumped out (literally) was Graeme's dog Jake. Woof!

Then we spied the bellhouings Graeme's producing for Squeak Bell at Bell Auto Parts in Bakersfield CA. It's a 365-390 Caddy to GM manual adaptor and the first order of 10 units is off to the US this week. Whitford styles!

Some cool builds in the Mac's Speed workshop too including Wayne Gibbens 36 roadster which is going to be mental with twin carbed 59A Flatty, Offy heads, S10 5 speed and open drive banjo diff. It has a 3" dropped axle, lowered rear and 2" chopped screen.

Royce Everett's 32 runs a mechanical Hilborn injected 354 Hemi, Chrysler new process 4 speed and a Halibrand rear.

Lots of owner input/ fabrication on both cars which is encouraged at Mac's Speed making every car very individual with lots of organically crafted parts and none of that cnc bullshit or 0800 generic crap. If you mention CNC in Graeme's workshop you'll be bitten by Jake fairly swiftly. Good boy Jake, GET DOWN!


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