Sunday, September 19, 2010

Losing Touch With Reality?

If you’re a fan of those reality TV shows on Discovery Channel like American Chopper, Wrecks To Riches and Crazy Nude Sluts From Sex Mountain then you might be interested in a new show they have starting this week. Actually, Crazy Nude Sluts From Sex Mountain is direct from my imagination not Discovery Chanel, sorry. Anyway – if you like the other two shows you might like Howe & Howe Tech. It’s about two identical twin brothers who invent and create shit like miniature tanks, giant mobile rip saws, off road racers and pills to make retards smart. There I go again – the pills to make retards smart are what I take. Sorry – confused again! Series starts Thursday 16th September at 8.30pm on Discovery. The twins are married to sisters too so I’m looking forward to just how "innovative" things get.

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