Thursday, September 30, 2010

Messages from the electronic mail man.

Gerard sent us some shots of his new project...
Hi,ex pat living in Canberra, Australia. I just imported a 1966 TR6 frankestein,69 bonnie top end and nasty harley tank. Front end is norton commando, 73 I think.
Now I am trying to get it on the road in Australia what a nightmare Fucking australian design rule sux!

I will keep you posted of the project.

chur chur

Ron's Plymouth gave me a terrible fright when I opened his email - nasty nasty plymouth with scary pipes...
Just picked up my first One percent mag.
Thanks for producing a direct honest, bad to the bone lifestyle mag, all the best for the future guys.

Pictures are of my project , A 56 Plymouth 4D sedan- 5 inch chop- running 56 Desoto Hemi 330.

Cheers Ron

And check these out, custom tattooed leather seats...
Hey man.

Really enjoyed the first issue of One Percent, and just thought you guys might dig these...

I work as a tattoo artist and started tattooing onto leather, now I make one-off tattooed leather solo seats.

You can check out more seats at, would kill to get them in the magazine!

Thanks for your time,

Alex Higgins
Electric Solos

Send us pictures of your projects, products, pets and pies to
Take it easy cock smokers and have a great weekend!


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