Sunday, October 17, 2010

Man we are bad with directions. Some people seem to have an in built compass, with me and Andrew I think the compass got dropped. It means we see a lot of places we never intended to go though, so that can't be all bad. Nearly running out of gas in the middle of nowhere with Andrew screaming at me that he's going to "die of shit poisoning if I don't find a toilet" is quite a common occurence when we do a road trip too. We split Friday morning to shoot Simon Harmans injected '40 coupe and Russell Kerhaghan's Indian Chopper. And what of Mr Six Bends? Well that's Russell's brother in law Jim and it was after a ride on this very bike that Russell knew he had to get an Indian. We have full stories on both these beauties in issue three. She's gonn be a fuckin ripper!

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