Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Xmas from OnePercent

From all (both) of us at OnePercent, may your Christmas's be drizzled in fizzy wine and stuffed full of ham and pudding. May you remember to go to the bottle shop before public holidays. May... oh fuck it, just have a good Christmas OK!!! See you in 2011.

Aaron & Andrew

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Polishing Their Rocket

The annual Rocket open day happened last Saturday and it was a blast. Free sausages, free beer, loads of cool projects underway in the Rocket lab and a ton of cool cars showed up too. Highlights - Greg Stokes had his recently completed roadster there, Chris "Spartacus" Piaggi took his newly/oldly Pavlovich painted RPU out for a drive, Hayden Mitchel had his newly painted Hemi powered RPU for sale, "Hotel California" was keeping an eye on the advertisers, Sqeak Bell hung out, Chris Hornblow managed to get his new '40 and his model A there. I think I managed to not offend anyone too much and had a cool time. So many rad cars and a real good vibe. Thanks guys!

Shed 5, what do they keep in there?

Got down to Shed Five (ex Deus) last week to check out a new bike they just finished before it got sent over the seas. The afternoon was hotter than a fox in a forrest  fire and a couple of Corona's went down sweeeeeet as. Had a good old chin wag with Irish John from Greasemonkey's - which was nice. Always plenty of good toot to waste time looking at down there too.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tres Hombres

Issue three of OnePercent is out now and at a store near you. Issue one could have been an accident, two maybe a fluke - three however shows we're here to stay. We traveled all over putting this one together and we've gotta say we're stoked with the result. God damn we met some good people on our travels. If you dig hot rods, motorcycles and real rock n roll then you need to get a copy! If you can't find it at a store near you then get in touch and we'll point you in the right direction. The other option is to click the link on the right and buy the digital version or email me at and we'll get you one direct if we can't get a store near you to stock it. Subscriptions are also available so get in touch.

In this issue, among other things, we have features on The Jim Jones Revue, Jake - the Retro Rockers and his incredible bike Captain Flashback, a mind blowing photo shoot with the iconic space rod Vandal, one very nasty injected big block '40 coupe, an interview with the king of Ponsonby rock n roll Larry Morris, tales from the Bonneville salt flats, one mean Indian chopper, a dangerous Triumph drag bike piloted by Paula Pratt, the Max Baker story, enough music and movie reviews to choke a dog and some shots of a pre-unit Triumph that will have you in tears of joy.
God bless the fuckin' lot of ya!