Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's the boss?

So like I said, my steering shaft is near impossible to find an aftermarket boss for and the wheel I wanted to run sure wouldn't fit on the old boss. The old wheel was fairly gay - too fat, too big and cracked in a few places. Answer - an adapter that allows me to use the existing boss that fits the steering shaft spline AND use the very cool vintage "The Superior 500" wheel that I wanted to run. I would have been happy with function but Graeme at Mac's Speed had other ideas - this looks good, is way safer and works a treat. It is a two piece item that sandwiches the old boss, makes it look pretty and fits the spline and steering wheel. The screws go right through from front to back via the original wheel mounting screws and the new wheel mounting screws also thread right into the meaty mack piece. I gave it a polish this morning and put it all back together.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Armee de Terre tete plate + Injection = Erection.

I went out to Mac’s Speed & Equipment yesterday, Graeme’s machining up a piece that will allow me to use my existing steering boss with a different wheel. More on this tomorrow once I get it all back together and get some pics happening. While I was out there I spied this lot. Oh jeez – it’s enough to make you drool and get a little light headed. Or maybe flat headed? What we have here is a brand new French military block – they were using an engine designed in the thirties right up until the eighties. This was due in part to the simplicity of the design, less parts, ease of maintenance in the field and probably cause they had a shit load of them. Eventually they decided to sell their inventory of these things and now So Cal has pretty much everything. They are not exactly like American flathead blocks but do fit all the same parts and the price is comparatively pretty good once you take into account buying and crack testing a few old blocks before you get one worth keeping. Then from up on a shelf Graeme pulls down a direct drive Hilborn injection setup. This is going in Greg Roy’s 17 foot wooden hulled hydroplane. I don’t know about you but this sort of stuff gets me pretty excited.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bird, Cat and Duck. No Dreamers.

Got the car going on Thursday night after having it apart for the last 6 months - just in time to make the pilgrimage up to Kumeu for the weekend. Andrew followed in the practical car with the elaborate OnePercent stall. One table, one tent, two broken chairs, one stool and a bunch of magazines. So good to be on the road again and the weather was insane. We set up in a new area that was coined Retro Junction. The area was run by Squeak Bell and Wellsey with stalls being organised by Rachel from Retro Vixen. A very cool array of invited cars made for the joint being one of the coolest areas of the whole event. Evan J from the Scroungers DJ'd well into the night as Whakatane club members drank and asked him if he could a) improve the sound and b) play something else. I thought it sounded great!
One of the highlights was a visit from Garth Hogan to the OnePercent tent. If you read the Max Baker article in issue 3 you'll remember Howard Smith's recollections of Max pulling Garth from his still rolling drag car after he got stuck climbing out the window trying to avoid being burnt to death. Garth was stoked to read the story, he said he's told the story many times but was unsure after all these years whether that's how it actually happened. Garth's currently working on a book about him and his late farther Ron - can't wait to see that.

Thanks to all you geezers who stopped by, bought a mag or just said hi.

Nostalgia Drags and The Scroungers Hot Rod Blowout are just around the corner - more on both soon.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here we go!!!

With the rest of the car away at upholstery I've been spending far too much time in the workshop finishing off the engine. It was rebuilt when I first put the car together so while it's out this time it's really just cosmetics. Stripped everything back and repainted in the same gold that I did the dash. Hand brush painted the rocker covers and stacks to tie it all together. New gaskets, new sump, painted all the accessories and replaced most bolts/nuts with shiny stuff. Have also drilled the intake and fitted a PCV valve hidden out back rather than putting holes in the B&C covers. Upholstery should be finished tomorrow and I'm picking it up on a transporter. Saturday it's all going back together, which is pretty damn exciting. Engine - done. Trans - done. Chrome - done. Hurst shifter - done. Paint chassis - done. Upholstery - done tomorrow!

Would love to be at the Jalopy Dust Up this weekend too but the inside of the garage will be my vista until the car is back on the road.

The plan is to drive up to the Kumeu Hot Rod Show next week 15th and 16th Jan - we'll be there at least Saturday with issue three of OnePercent for sale so stop by and say hello - if we're conscious. 

After hitting up the Kings Arms on New Years eve, Andrew's playing with Head Like A Hole this Saturday in Nelson so get along if you're in town. Their new single Swagger Of Thieves is RAD.