Thursday, January 27, 2011

Armee de Terre tete plate + Injection = Erection.

I went out to Mac’s Speed & Equipment yesterday, Graeme’s machining up a piece that will allow me to use my existing steering boss with a different wheel. More on this tomorrow once I get it all back together and get some pics happening. While I was out there I spied this lot. Oh jeez – it’s enough to make you drool and get a little light headed. Or maybe flat headed? What we have here is a brand new French military block – they were using an engine designed in the thirties right up until the eighties. This was due in part to the simplicity of the design, less parts, ease of maintenance in the field and probably cause they had a shit load of them. Eventually they decided to sell their inventory of these things and now So Cal has pretty much everything. They are not exactly like American flathead blocks but do fit all the same parts and the price is comparatively pretty good once you take into account buying and crack testing a few old blocks before you get one worth keeping. Then from up on a shelf Graeme pulls down a direct drive Hilborn injection setup. This is going in Greg Roy’s 17 foot wooden hulled hydroplane. I don’t know about you but this sort of stuff gets me pretty excited.

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