Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's the boss?

So like I said, my steering shaft is near impossible to find an aftermarket boss for and the wheel I wanted to run sure wouldn't fit on the old boss. The old wheel was fairly gay - too fat, too big and cracked in a few places. Answer - an adapter that allows me to use the existing boss that fits the steering shaft spline AND use the very cool vintage "The Superior 500" wheel that I wanted to run. I would have been happy with function but Graeme at Mac's Speed had other ideas - this looks good, is way safer and works a treat. It is a two piece item that sandwiches the old boss, makes it look pretty and fits the spline and steering wheel. The screws go right through from front to back via the original wheel mounting screws and the new wheel mounting screws also thread right into the meaty mack piece. I gave it a polish this morning and put it all back together.

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