Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Scroungers Hot Rod Blowout 10th Anniversary

Sunday Slam At Shed 5

This looks like fun - Sunday Slam, 6th March at Shed 5 from 11am to 3pm – hotrods, motorcycles, BBQ, bar and icecream. That's a lot of good things in one place!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Share this moisture amongst us brothers and sisters for it doth smell.

The sweat rose up off the seething throng and then came down and upon and from out of the previously tepid causing them to look as though they had, and may have been and resented being, washed by foreign perspiration. This water binds us all and is circulated amongst us, we have shared it and fuck it can be said that thy was HOT. QOTSA. EPIC.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Queens Of The Shed Age

Queens are in town and we went down to Shed 5 for a couple of drinks and a look around. They play the Logan Campbell Centre Monday
night and it's gonna rip. The boys took some bikes for a burn and had a rad time hanging.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mike Morgan - all oiled up.

Here's a couple of paintings from Mike Morgan who is a long time hot rodder and artist. Damn cool! Check out more of his work at

And then Bill Ward sent us a message!

As well as being a long time Hot Rodder, Bill was in The Human Instinct...

Hi Guys, happened to be browsing in a book shop in New Plymouth

recently and found your mag. First time I've seen it - - great mag.

Loved your story on VANDAL and Max Baker, I've been around a while and

know most of these guys. Loved your story on David Wirtinen, cos I

thought I knew most of the kiwis who have raced on the salt. Way back

in 79 Howard Smith, pictured in the mag with Max, built the front axle

of the little A roadster I took to the salt way back in then. We took

the Kiwi A Salt roadster, which I designed and built with a bit of

help from my friends, back for the 60th Speedweek, and finally came

home with a record.

Any chance of getting 1st and 2nd copies of your mag?

Cheers Bill Ward

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bum Fire

It was the early nineties at Meremere and The Bum was a regular sight come race day.
On this particular day some would say "those involved" went too far - others may beg to differ.
Here we see The Bum on fire, set free and really fucking some people off.
The fireman is not angry, he sees the humour but must do his duty. His hose is his friend.
The other chap is confused, drunk, hot and dribbling shit.
"Bum's on fire... what's you're name mate? You like being a fireman? Yeahhhh nahhhh"

Fists flew that day, drag racers vowed never to return, The Bum smoldered and staggered to the side of the road after "those involved" attempted to negotiate its burned and smoking husk back up the motorway.

Whether you were there or cared - it happened. Big ups to The Bum.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Children of The Bong

So we got a new dog after the premature demise of Doobie (R.I.P) and she just loves being sung (sang?) to. The other day I was in the lounge singing her a sweet tune when she got so excited that she pissed all over me. Well, now I know that exact feeling brothers and sisters for it was only yesterday that I got an e-mail from Paul at Famous Pacific Shipping informing me a bunch of gear I had ordered for The Bong had finally cleared customs - I pissed my pants on the spot. Then cleaned myself up and raced out to pick it all up: Haifley Bros seat and P-Pad, Front Street Cycle bars and fender, some new rubber and that 45 Springer. 
God I'm happy. Now what would be awesome is if someone could point me in the direction of a clean 21" wheel/brake set-up for the bitch.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Like Flynn.

Last night was a total gas - we've been planning to shoot this car for months and it finally happened. James Flynn's injected flat head Lincoln Model A coupe. Paul Dunkley took care of the build and it is flat out mental. Everything is hidden, lots of it is custom built and it will blow your mind. Full feature in issue 4.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011