Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bum Fire

It was the early nineties at Meremere and The Bum was a regular sight come race day.
On this particular day some would say "those involved" went too far - others may beg to differ.
Here we see The Bum on fire, set free and really fucking some people off.
The fireman is not angry, he sees the humour but must do his duty. His hose is his friend.
The other chap is confused, drunk, hot and dribbling shit.
"Bum's on fire... what's you're name mate? You like being a fireman? Yeahhhh nahhhh"

Fists flew that day, drag racers vowed never to return, The Bum smoldered and staggered to the side of the road after "those involved" attempted to negotiate its burned and smoking husk back up the motorway.

Whether you were there or cared - it happened. Big ups to The Bum.

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