Friday, February 11, 2011

Children of The Bong

So we got a new dog after the premature demise of Doobie (R.I.P) and she just loves being sung (sang?) to. The other day I was in the lounge singing her a sweet tune when she got so excited that she pissed all over me. Well, now I know that exact feeling brothers and sisters for it was only yesterday that I got an e-mail from Paul at Famous Pacific Shipping informing me a bunch of gear I had ordered for The Bong had finally cleared customs - I pissed my pants on the spot. Then cleaned myself up and raced out to pick it all up: Haifley Bros seat and P-Pad, Front Street Cycle bars and fender, some new rubber and that 45 Springer. 
God I'm happy. Now what would be awesome is if someone could point me in the direction of a clean 21" wheel/brake set-up for the bitch.


  1. That should look a hell of a lot better. What are you doing for paint?

  2. Dunno yet - probablly black & a real deep rootbeer.
    nothing to flashy.

  3. We're trying to scrape a custom bike show together for September. A few of the Grease Monkeys have started building and we're going to have an "in progress" class for anything interesting that doesn't get finished in time. Doug at Shed 5 will let us have the show there. It'd be great to get the Bong in there as well if you're interested.