Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flying High Again

Friday we fucked-on down to Hamiltron for some party road trip action. First stop was Sushi and saki, then we dropped into Engine Components where they know a thing or two about repairing and dialing in engines as well as hard chroming and alloy repair. They have a range of mills, surface grinders, line boring and honing machines straight out of the 40's and still in operation. They specialise in aircraft engines and planes sort of need their engines so you know EC understand a thing or two about quality work.

We also checked out their sister company Pacific Aerospace where they make planes from scratch. It was unreal and I can't even start to explain the level of detail, organisation and skill involved.

Next up we stopped in at Sutty's to check out his SWEEEEEET triumph chop.

Full feature in next issue. Then the piggies needed more food so we stopped in for a curry. The banquet sounded good but it turned out there was enough food involved to feed 4 large men. Staggering out into the street afterwards Andrew was sweating and moaning about having the Curry Worry and I tried to drive in the dark and rain with butter chicken weeping out of my tear ducts.

Sunday we shot down to Shed 5 for the first Sunday Slam. The drizzel kept some homo's at home but there was a good vibe going on and good on the buggers - looking forward to the next one.

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