Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Hot Rod Blowout, Nostalgia Drags and other OnePercent Adventures.

Holy shit it's been a full-on couple of weeks. We finished issue 4, got 2 new OnePercent T shirts designed and printed (they'll be for sale on the site soon) got our new stickers happening, made a OnePercent radio ad, Andrew supported Stone Temple Pilots with Head Like A Hole, we went to the Scroungers Hot Rod Blowout AND The Nostalgia Drags.

 First time out for Grease and Andrews new dragster. Total Mind Blower.
 The Lucas-Sanders dragster was Top Eliminator runner up in '67 behind  Bob Rossiter and his Pirate before Grease and Andrew campaigned it for many years.
 Blowout Honouree Squeak Bell and Chris Piaggi

 Mike Udjar's roadster has not been running for 32 years, very special moment to see the man behind the wheel of his machine driving into the Blowout.
 Chris Piaggi's Monkey Mobile took off it's coat of spare parts, old magazines, dust and junk and came out to play.
 We made a new OnePercent radio ad for Hauraki - listen out for it this week.
 Andrew plays guitar in Head Like A Hole - this is the view from the stage at Vector areana, sound check for the Stone Temple Pilots show.
Making drinks in the radio Hauraki studio - this is what the bFM studio uesd to look like.

Nostalgia Drags went down yesterday - beautifull day (apart from the cops busting people at entrance to the service centre on the motorway). Graeme Macneil's truck looked and sounded great with new injection set up.

 Russell iving the old Model A DEATH!

You know what would be really cool? To see this lined up against Pirate for real next year.


  1. G,day...just stopped by for a sticky beak, saw Mike Udjar's roadster and remembered its flared guards from a 1968 NZ Hot rodder mag......Would be cool to see some more bikes from UNZUD history. Keep it up.

  2. Yeah man - we're working on a couple of stories exactly along those lines. Cheers!