Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rocks In His Head

First it's rocks and minerals and shit. Then man has an idea - his idea involves creating something but the materials he requires to make his idea a reality do not exist.  The rocks and minerals and shit are manipulated and melted and refined by man and much thinking is employed and the resulting product is crafted and the idea is a reality and the world is a different place because the luxury item that man has created is new and shiny and does things. Then man has new ideas and the old luxury item is forgotten and retired and knackered without very much thinking at all. Then Martin Horspool discovers the forgotten luxury item and has an idea. He carefully disassembles and rearanges the retired luxury item and creates something that is the materialisation of what was in his head and it is good and it makes other mens heads explode with excitement joy. Watch this now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honey, The Robots Are Here

Before Born Too Late we had a pre show breakfast out at my cafe - Salvation Kitchen. It was super fun hanging out with good people and the sun was shining. One of the locals I've met is Martin Horspool - he's into bikes, is a damn nice guy and him and his partner Wendy come in most Saturdays. Martin makes robots (more later) and he's pretty handy behind the lens. Check out these shots he snapped at Salvation Kitchen - awesome. The robot shot blows my mind!
We're open 7 days until 3pm from this Sunday 31st July so come on out if you can. 1843 Gt North Rd Avondale
 This is Martin, and some mountains
 Chris's Buick
 Sids Matchy
 Luke inside the Crown Imperial

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Actual Scrounging

Just got some pics from Kiwi Kev of fellow Scrounger Chris Piaggi's recent trip to the states.

After a week of "actual" scrounging Chris was ready for a trip to the shipping company.
Alan Deckers place.
Chris and Alan
Inside Terry's trailer
Thanks Kev and Chris.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Born Too Late - it's this Saturday!

Yep - chopper show this Saturday at 1pm 331 New North Rd Kingsland Auckland. Hot Rods and muscle cars welcome too. It's FREE! Trophies for best brit, best american, best cage, best tattoos, best project, hottest witch and best chopper. Check out the "Best Trophy" Sid accidently made. This is what happens when you make trophies when you're pissed! Then of course there's Jame's effort - spelled tattoo wrong and had to try and fit in an extra letter. Oh well. Email on the address below if you need any info - this is your chance to get that project out of the garage or fire up the old beast that hasn't seen the daylight for a while. Drag it out and come hang out. We got three bands playing too - Somebody's Sons, Dirty Sweet and Hot Grease. We have a very limited number of Born Too Late T shirts + OnePercent shirts too. No there wont be any fucking eftpos.

Pulling into Sid's bullshit driveway I managed to have a "sump incident".  No jack so what do you do? Three of us LIFTED the front up and onto blocks. Sump off and some mig action from Sid and we had it all sorted.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Sound Of Blood

Well we hit the Whiskey bar last night for the Head Like A Hole album release thingee. Good bunch of cats and dogs, some pizza, a few drinks and good times. The reecord sounded great. Nice work boys!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

One minute it was Friday, and the next...

She's all fuckin' go round here I can tell you! We got a bunch done on the weekend - here's a brief roundup.
Head Like A Hole Album is out TODAY so Andrew spent Friday doing press for that. Go buy Blood Will Out NOW! I took the T Bucket out to the testing station and got the vin number on the chassis and had a very cool drive on a beautiful winters day and while I was there saw this sweet 56 BMW. The Earl fork blows my mind. Sunday we did a photoshoot at Salvation Kitchen cafe with the Scroungers car club for a feature we're running in issue 5 on the 10th anniversary. Another beautiful and chilly afternoon. Album release party tonight so we're heading off there now - for the middle of winter there's plenty on!