Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rocks In His Head

First it's rocks and minerals and shit. Then man has an idea - his idea involves creating something but the materials he requires to make his idea a reality do not exist.  The rocks and minerals and shit are manipulated and melted and refined by man and much thinking is employed and the resulting product is crafted and the idea is a reality and the world is a different place because the luxury item that man has created is new and shiny and does things. Then man has new ideas and the old luxury item is forgotten and retired and knackered without very much thinking at all. Then Martin Horspool discovers the forgotten luxury item and has an idea. He carefully disassembles and rearanges the retired luxury item and creates something that is the materialisation of what was in his head and it is good and it makes other mens heads explode with excitement joy. Watch this now.

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