Thursday, September 29, 2011

Haere mai - everything is kapai.

Yesterday a mighty volcano (Mt Eden) was climbed and images of a powerfull hardtail waka (Dex's Triumph chop) were recorded for the up comming issue of OnePercent. Aue! Aue!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Capannone Cinque

Went down to Shed 5 on Saturday arvo for the kick off of their speed week festival. First time I've had to apply sun screen since last summer, not the first time I've drunk cold Corona's.
Lots of new punters projects were on display and people were hanging out in the car park. Get down there - the bar is open every night and there's something different happening every day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Udjar Roadster - get ready.

We shot this today, Andrew did good rolling round and round in the dirt for a couple of hours with the camera while I chewed the fat with Mike. We've been trying to do this shoot for 2 months but bands, business and weather have fucked it up - well worth the wait, I never realised how long Mike actually spent building the car. He bought it in 68 and his first show was in 75. This thing owned the show circuit for the next couple of years. Full feature in the much "anticipated" issue 5.

The Cadillac Has Landed

Just got my 1953 331 Cadillac motor from down the line, crank and block were once in Mike Gearing's roadster. Not sure what kind of condition it's in but a wee bit of history none the less, will keep you posted. Now, what shall I put it in?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tumblin' Dice

The new issue of Jammin Gears is out and my car is on the cover, super stoked on it. Go buy it! The mag I mean, not the car. It aint for sale, ever!

Monday, September 12, 2011

When I drink, I forget what I’ve been up to.

Our buddy Dennis, who's bike we featured a ways back, is a rather talented muther fucker with the old paint brush. I'm not talking the house painting kind either. Seems nothing is recession proof today though and his site DENNISLAND (the crappiest place on earth) is under threat of closure. This just in from him. "I have recently updated my website which includes some new works I have for sale at Jan Larsen Art – New York. The new “Dennisland” also links to my new blog site: will be regularly posting the inspirational, interesting, curious and absurd. IMore entertaining than your average art blog. Please SIGN - UP to receive regular updates!!! Lets streamline so when next we meet you won’t have to listen to the “what I’ve been up to “ story! Because to be honest sometimes I drink. And when I drink I forget what I’ve been up to; or I just get sick of repeating myself and start making shit up! The latter can be fascinating but I know you want the truth! And if you have friends that you want to torture please forward!! I love working underground but its dark down there plus I like to drive luxury automobiles so help me for gods sake! Otherwise I’ll pick you up in my new “Dennisland” branded Austin Princess and drive around town honking the horn.
Thanks & stand by for my upcoming autobiography called "When Bad Things Happen to Good Looking People”

For anyone looking for a copy of issue three, we got a small stash back from the distributor - which is rad cause we thought they were totally sold out. Should be available over in the OnePercent online store now. It's open all hours dontcha know.

Hey if you got any shots of your project be it bike, car or donkey - send it in to us at the below address. Luke did. "Gidday luke here, my bsa motor ready for fire up with new 29mm twin choke dellorto and ARD magneto, and a flat tracker cam grind, and fully polished internals all lightened and balanced, just need to hard tail my frame now."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shed 5 In Overdrive

I've been looking for a while and finally picked up a set of pie crust white wall Hurst slicks for the T Bucket. Can't wait to get these bastards on!

Doug and the crew down at Shed 5 are stepping it up for the week of September 24 through to 1st October with a custom bike festival. They have a bunch of stuff going on everyday. Head over to the cafe page at for all the details.

In other mindless rambling, Head Like A Hole's national tour is over and brother Ashton is sobering up. Half that statement is false. My new band The Ruby Union is playing this Saturday at Juice Bar around 9.30pm so come on down if you're hanging around. It's a free show. That is all.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Speed Holes And Golf Clubs

OK so we went and saw Brother Ashton play with Head Like A Hole in Auckland last night. Killer show - real good vibe. A twinkle was definately in Booga's eye, M Franklin Brown was on diamond thunderous form, Tallbeast had nice flufy hair and sounded huge, Regan got lifted up and floated round and was generally ripping and Brother Ashton avoided black eyes, has adopted a new vacant Charlie Manson appearance and rocked hard. After the show Sid and I got to talking about the speed holes he's been drilling in his Triumph head. It's mental. He reckons if this thing doesn't wheelstand he's buying golf clubs. I told him to get a jet ski. So I went home pretty early and Sid went out. This morning he texted me with the following  "I need to drill speed holes in my hangover" I agree. Fashion Week swarf.

Pirongia Rumblefish