Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shed 5 In Overdrive

I've been looking for a while and finally picked up a set of pie crust white wall Hurst slicks for the T Bucket. Can't wait to get these bastards on!

Doug and the crew down at Shed 5 are stepping it up for the week of September 24 through to 1st October with a custom bike festival. They have a bunch of stuff going on everyday. Head over to the cafe page at shedfive.co.nz for all the details.

In other mindless rambling, Head Like A Hole's national tour is over and brother Ashton is sobering up. Half that statement is false. My new band The Ruby Union is playing this Saturday at Juice Bar around 9.30pm so come on down if you're hanging around. It's a free show. That is all.


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