Thursday, September 1, 2011

Speed Holes And Golf Clubs

OK so we went and saw Brother Ashton play with Head Like A Hole in Auckland last night. Killer show - real good vibe. A twinkle was definately in Booga's eye, M Franklin Brown was on diamond thunderous form, Tallbeast had nice flufy hair and sounded huge, Regan got lifted up and floated round and was generally ripping and Brother Ashton avoided black eyes, has adopted a new vacant Charlie Manson appearance and rocked hard. After the show Sid and I got to talking about the speed holes he's been drilling in his Triumph head. It's mental. He reckons if this thing doesn't wheelstand he's buying golf clubs. I told him to get a jet ski. So I went home pretty early and Sid went out. This morning he texted me with the following  "I need to drill speed holes in my hangover" I agree. Fashion Week swarf.

1 comment:

  1. That's a lot of chrome !
    Good work and I cant wait to see it on the road.