Monday, September 12, 2011

When I drink, I forget what I’ve been up to.

Our buddy Dennis, who's bike we featured a ways back, is a rather talented muther fucker with the old paint brush. I'm not talking the house painting kind either. Seems nothing is recession proof today though and his site DENNISLAND (the crappiest place on earth) is under threat of closure. This just in from him. "I have recently updated my website which includes some new works I have for sale at Jan Larsen Art – New York. The new “Dennisland” also links to my new blog site: will be regularly posting the inspirational, interesting, curious and absurd. IMore entertaining than your average art blog. Please SIGN - UP to receive regular updates!!! Lets streamline so when next we meet you won’t have to listen to the “what I’ve been up to “ story! Because to be honest sometimes I drink. And when I drink I forget what I’ve been up to; or I just get sick of repeating myself and start making shit up! The latter can be fascinating but I know you want the truth! And if you have friends that you want to torture please forward!! I love working underground but its dark down there plus I like to drive luxury automobiles so help me for gods sake! Otherwise I’ll pick you up in my new “Dennisland” branded Austin Princess and drive around town honking the horn.
Thanks & stand by for my upcoming autobiography called "When Bad Things Happen to Good Looking People”

For anyone looking for a copy of issue three, we got a small stash back from the distributor - which is rad cause we thought they were totally sold out. Should be available over in the OnePercent online store now. It's open all hours dontcha know.

Hey if you got any shots of your project be it bike, car or donkey - send it in to us at the below address. Luke did. "Gidday luke here, my bsa motor ready for fire up with new 29mm twin choke dellorto and ARD magneto, and a flat tracker cam grind, and fully polished internals all lightened and balanced, just need to hard tail my frame now."

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