Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swapmeet This weekend squwark squwark!!!!

Born With Too Much Shit is happening this Saturday 26th at Salvation Kitchen.
The focus is on motorcycles hotrods and rock n roll - and of course eating yourself stoopid. Things kick off at 8am with swapmeet action and bands start at 12. The Rum Coves (one of my favourite bands in Auckland) are playing, as are Ed Gains and The Human Remains (which Andrew plays in along with Kurt and the sparkly Rossco ex Demi Whores) and also The Ruby Union, my new band with Bryan and Damon who I played in Deadflowers with and Chris Long on Drums. Bar opens at 12ish. There's parking round the back and preferential hot rod / motorcycle parking out front. Slow roasted pork belly sandwiches will be attending too! Gimme a call on 021494484 for info or if you want a site. Lots of stalls selling good stuff as well as motorcycle and V8/hot rod stuff. Get in there you dirty magpies!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You'll always find me in the Kitchen at parties.

Retro Vixen went down at Salvation Kitchen on Saturday - was rad! Here's Sid "the thinking man" checking out Kylo's bike (and wishing he had bought the chaps)
a sweet line up out front...
and a sweet RPU that arrived after lunch.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frankensteins Sump - an oilabotamy

It twas a cursed sump, grinding on the driveway on ever exit/entry. Smashed to shitery on Sids driveway and then the final blow, the sump plug fell out while in motion. I A transpoter ride home (better than a seized engine on the harbour bridge!) and a call to Dave Graham had things sorted. Plug moved, sump sectioned, oilabotamy successfull!