Monday, December 5, 2011

Randy Santa and the Waterfront Gang.

Took a drive down to St Helliers tonight to check out the annual toy run, loads of cool rides and the weather was perfect.  Stayed just long enough to say hi to some friends, bash down a hot dog and a coke and do a few laps. Congrats to Tim who got his 29 legal - this was it's first outing with paperwork. Anyone who's gone through the process knows how good this feels and the smile on his face was evidence. Car looks RAD Tim! So much to look at - here's a few shots, imagine the salvation army band playing hits to murder yourself to and you could almost be there!

 Beautiful 35- fruju yellow, suck it will you?
 This 51 has been for sale for a while - Cole Foster did the chop job.
 Oooohhhhh Barracudaaaaa
 Tri Sexual
 Chris Hornblow's Camaro - looks better without the sheet covering it I reckon.
 This coupe is soooo white, only marks on it were from the droool I left on it back at Kumeu
 Flathead Mochachino thanks
 Prehaps the hair was burned off by the flames? Propecia coupe.
 I love this Nova - pro street is making a come back yall!
 Tim's 29 - so cool. You can stop sweating your balls off everytime you drive it now tim.

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