Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's 100 take away 99? Yes that's right - perfect!

Have had a few enquiries re purchasing new issue - you can buy it (and everything else we have) direct from us by visiting the OnePercent Store (in the side panel TOP  right of this page) and shipping is free - it will come direct to your letterbox and while stickers last you'll get a free one of those too. It's easy. I've just updated the store so it's available NOW!

Alternatively you can get it from good bookstores nationwide from 26th December.

Or, you can get the digital version for your iPad or whatever by clicking on the "Pay Monkeys, Get Peanuts" panel (second side panel down on page - to the right of this).
We supply to a select group of distributors around the world, if you're interested in selling it then get in touch.

We'll also be at various events we can be bothered going to over summer so come say hi.

If all else fails and you're passing you can always get a copy at Salvation Kitchen cafe at 1843 Great North Rd Avondale Auckland - we're open again from the 12th Jan.

If you need to get hold of us for any reason email me at

Balls Deep!

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  1. So I set out the other day, In my Sunny town of Napier, Searching for something to blow my mind to read to well I had a few Drinks in the sun. After scanning the Magazine stand at the local Paper Plus, I had almost given Up. Then, By a Stroke Of Luck, I knew I had found what I was looking for with Colins 34 Pick up on the cover. More Grand and Awesome than anything else there, by a long shot. Without even flicking through the pages it was in my hands with a tenner in the other, eager to get it home to enjoy with my whiskey and Sun shine. My god, what a sweet mag! Keep up the good work!, my only regret, not owning a copy of the other 4 before this one. Keep up the damn good work even chaps! - Seedy Al