Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Get Loose

I watched this back in 2003 but haven't seen it since, what a great band! Bill Cosby looks a little stoned.

Got this rather lovely message from Seedy Al - cheers brother! Glad someone is getting some sun.
So I set out the other day, In my Sunny town of Napier, Searching for something to blow my mind to read to well I had a few Drinks in the sun. After scanning the Magazine stand at the local Paper Plus, I had almost given Up. Then, By a Stroke Of Luck, I knew I had found what I was looking for with Colins 34 Pick up on the cover. More Grand and Awesome than anything else there, by a long shot. Without even flicking through the pages it was in my hands with a tenner in the other, eager to get it home to enjoy with my whiskey and Sun shine. My god, what a sweet mag! Keep up the good work!, my only regret, not owning a copy of the other 4 before this one. Keep up the damn good work even chaps! - Seedy Al

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