Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nostalgia Drags 2012.

Epic autumn day at the drags. Life is good.
 Kirsten hate gettin' her picture taken. Too bad!
 My car went beeeooootifull. Narcissism, too bad!
 Kylo's roadtser was all tech'd up and running strong. Beard action too bad!
 Dead leaves and the dirty ground.
 Hemi looked grreat but was running like a bag o'shit.
 Surtees is a freak - he makes stuff others dream of.
 Thje Guru and his boiler suit. Second in flat head challenge.
 Hank Williams Jnr. the 16th.
Jim Gordon hates getting his picturew took too.
Jim "I look in the mirror and think who's that old guy looking back at me"
Keith Golder "I look in the mirror and say who gives a fuck!"
 Shady is a Legend.
 No comment required.
 This car was a mind blower. Call me.
 Russel destroyed his drive shaft. The weekest link shall be revealed.
 Piaggi vs Redvers.
 This Topolino was mental. In his own words "gettin'out of hand".
Thanks Bay Rodders - it doesn't get much better than this. Let's have a bike class next year.