Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was wandering around the house with a cup of coffee this morning and a book kind of jumped off the shelf as I passed my it - Lobotomy - surviving the Ramones by Dee Dee Ramone. I read it years ago, maybe even forgot I ever bought it, but I sat down and opened it at a random page. Here's what I read.

"The next thing I knew Sid (Vicious) was shaking on the floor having a fit. Green Foam was coming out his mouth. His eyes were popping out of his head. It was terrible, so I ran back to the bar to get help. In the confusion I fell down the stairwell, knocking myself unconscious. Finally I was taken back to the hotel in an ambulance"

That's not the best part of the book or anything, just a random page. The whole thing is like that though - unbelievable but true and a totally good read.

I'm real glad I got to see the Ramones live - go put a Ramones album on now, there will never be another band like them. Might read that book again I think!

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