Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grinding away the sins of the past.

I got Tumblin' Dice legal finally and there's a couple of pretty cool projects I'm planning for it in the near future, but I've also started working on my Triumph. It's been keeping me awake at night! I have zero details on the history of this frame but it looks like it was at the centre of some drunken sodomites "bad welding" competition at some point. Brackets here, brackets there. Brackets and tabs fucking everywhere - and all pretty rough! It's a 64 unit frame though and the bones are straight and true. First step is to clean it all up. Used a combination of metal grinding/cutting off wheels and sanding discs to start cleaning off the bad welds and excess metal while trying not to reduce wall thickness anywhere. Still deciding on the stretch and drop for the hard tail - I don't want too much stretch so want to get this right and doing lots of looking at bikes that look right,  and even more that don't!

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