Thursday, October 25, 2012

Silk scrotum - sacks of gold.

Good things take time, and so does rubbish. Two donkeys crafting a silk scrotum out of a pigs arse doesn't happen overnight you know. It is with great satisfaction though that I am now able to confirm that the next issue of OnePercent is staggering slowly to the finish line. Out of the shadows it creeps like a confused and guilty priest at a choir boys reunion. Soon it will be upon you and all will be well/terrible. What will you do? Put your sweaty hand into the silk scrotum and claim your rocky mountain bounty - you've earned it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Glory Hole and the Three Bears

Once upon a time there were three bears. Booga Bear, Nigel Bear and Andos Bear. These funny old bears played together in a band called Head Like A Hole. The bears had crazy times and sometimes their tummies got full or Bear Beer and their heads would go silly and they would role around laughing and crying and play in the wrong/right key. Other times they would have money stolen off them by nasty raccoons dressed in professional clothing and then occasionally they would make magical heavy rock albums that made gay bears cry and metal bears scream and whoop with joy. Last weekend the three bears went down to the woods and had 13 tattooed on their bear arms. Good on you bears! Put the bakers dozen in the dutch oven and cook us some crooked anthems!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Carpet Of Souls

So we had a Scroungers meet up on Saturday round at Mike Roberts place. Everyone knows Mike is a super talented metal man, but here are a few facts you may not have known about him. 1: He has a Manx cat called Stumpy that loves pizza 2: He farts a lot - and is pretty proud of it 3: His dad was a very talented artist known for his cartoons and carving. He carved heads of many of his friends.

Twilight Saga

Sick of early mornings? You'd rather pick parts with a beer in your hand?
Here's the answer - the North Shore Rod & Custom club Twilight Swapmeet is this Saturday at 2pm.