Monday, November 26, 2012

Fat Boy, lost in the shadow of your ass!

This is footage from a show my band FreakPower played in 1992 - the dude from the audience just got up on stage and did his thing, never met him before. I really wish I still had that Rickenbacker bass! Thanks to Peter McLennan for editing the video all those years ago and digitising the footage. I imagine the 1" tape version is long gone now.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Think & Quick!

Speedway season is officially underway and it just so happened that we had a Scroungers visit to legendary driver John Stanley's house on Sunday. What a trip! The walls of John's garage are jammed with the evidence of a life dedicated to racing - not to mention his workshop and the cars! The Hank Henry injected chev sprintcar, the Frank Brewer V860 powered # 99 replica that John built and the restored Bob Tattersall Offy powered "Hollywood Spring & Axle" # 54 car all grace his garage. John took us step by step through the build and history of each car and sprinkled in a good few stories from his years of racing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life Imitating Art - Out Of It!

Go here now Life imitating art - out of it.

No More Heroes

In the new issue Harry Harilambi reviews Andy Moores awesome doco on NZ skateboarding "No More Heroes". Harry's review says it all and here's a short snippet of the movie. It's looking like the movie will be released proper in 2013, here's hoping the sooner the better cause it's wicked!

Ooooiiiiiiiiay Brotha!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A matter of National importance.

Streetrod Nationals went down in Whitianga over the weekend and the weather was damn fine.
I hit the road Thursday afternoon in Tumblin' Dice and let it roll.

Blond dog at the Red Fox.


On Friday, 200 cars cruised to Rod Millen's (or Rod Millions as I like to call him) Lead Foot Ranch - very cool place.

Coroglen Tavern

Steve Levien had some funcky clunky going on...

...and found some foriegn bodies that had been flying round in the cyclinder. Car is on a transporter back to Auckland.

Boat Racing - these guys look like Trouble. Final was won by Troublebound who had a close win over the local rugby club. North Shore came in third.
We stopped at this castle on the way home - complete with swords and sailors?

Kopu Tavern on the way home.