Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas From Us To You!

Hey - hope you all have a great Christmas. Make sure you eat too much ham and drink plenty of sherry.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Melvins & Solid Gold Hell at the Powerstation

Last night was heavy - black hole heavy. Solid Gold Hell were menacing and as sinister-jazz as always and the Melvins… no words for how intense that was. Here's a few pics that brother Ashton snapped.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Heavy Moose

And then God came down and said "Humans, beasts, soil, leaves, electricians etc - here is a gift. The mighty Melvins shall play at The Powerstation in Auckland on December 4th. Amen. Like a cross between The Flintstones, Black Sabbath and Thidwock the big hearted heavy metal moose!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Issue - Out Now!!!

It's done, it's killer and we're very happy to say - here's the new issue! We have features on Mark Barton's super cool 66 L72 Biscayne, an arty farty  interview with the one and only Andy Jenkins, Sids Triumph, my crazy trip to California, The Ridge Park Terror, a look back at the life and times of Dave McArtney, Mal's 55 Pan Shovel, one very slim Sportster and a whole bunch more including our usual dose of hand picked music, film and book reviews and coverage from Born Free 5 and Love Cycles birthday bash. You want a copy? Course you do! email $10 delivered worldwide.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Barry Sheene Oceania Challenge 2013

Our mate Mat Ineson headed down to Hampton Downs last weekend for the Barry Sheene Oceania Challenge and snapped these pics in the pits...

The road going Vincent was just a show stopper. And ridden there too. Came past me on SH1 On the way home…

The wee orange bike in bits blew up on Friday. He tried to fix it but ended up sweeping it into the back of his van and going home I think.

The CB900 is just incredible. Some of the parts on this bike are like rocking horse shit.

The Triumph chopper has been owned for ever by some old dude. Check out reverse head!!! Austin seven rear rim!!!!!!!!!

Egli Vincent. Bike of the weekend for me. Owned since fuck knows when by another old sea dog. Caught him working on it with a hammer and chisel.

Keiths Harley outfit. Totally home built and has Weber 40 DCOE carb (Awesome). Shared a garage with him. Lovely fella.

Iron Head sportster also owned by Keith but ridden by Tim. Keith gave up solos after a Paeroa smash.

The Macintosh Ridden to devasting effect by international TT rider Cam Donald. Pre 82 bike running 1:09’s….

My ride for the weekend 1987 GSXR 1100. 1:17’s… (Very happy with this lap time BTW. Smugness here…)

Stunning RC30 Honda over from Australia.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

North Shore Rod & Custom Club 50th Anniversary 1963 - 2013

"It all started with and ad in the North Shore Times for anybody interested in forming a Hot Rod club to go to a small hall in Kilarney St Takapuna.
The meeting was convened and run by the fledgling NZ Hot Rod Associatio, fronted by a couple of smooth dudes decked out in club jackets etc - Robert H Rossiter and Robert L Campbell (the two bob show). A bunch of car nuts, mainly teenage kids, went along including Brian Thurston, Harvey Ferguson, Alan Smail and Graeme Duncumb.
The two slick talkers sent us off all keen and armed with details on how to start a club. We did just that, calling it North Shore Rod & Custom - I think the idea was that as we didn't have a lot of Hot Rods, anything else could loosely be classified a custom."

Alan Smail
Foundation Member

Monday, October 21, 2013

T White's Bike

I've known Tim for donkeys years now and he's one of the good guys. Great BMX rider, owns the best bike shop in the land and has started getting into the motorized variety over the last few years too. Here's his 73 Ironhead Sportster project. He bought it as a basket case and in true Tim style has invested a bunch in attention to detail - it's gonna rock when it's done!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rumble In The Alley

Huge ups to Lance (Kaos Inc Motorcycles) and Dave (A1 Exhaust) for putting on Rumble In The Alley last weekend! The event was a huge success and well attended by punters and builders alike...