Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Myths & Legends

So every couple of years the Scroungers hold a celebratory dinner for the Hot Rod Blowout honourees. This year was a doozey with Rob Campbell getting a good roasting. Check this line up of attendees and Project T - doesn't happen every day.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Very Popular Indeed.

So Dave McNeil walks up to me at the Blowout and tells me he has something for me - I take the micro flim and complete the mission. Hot Rod espionage is so fun!

 55 Ford Popular, 48 Ford Mercury engine, gearbox and rear axel. Engine bored .060" and reconditioned. Alloy heads - otherwise stock. Engine mid mounted rear of dashboard. Drive shaft and torque tube shortened, rear axel bolted direct to chassis. straight pipes from manifolds to rear - no front brakes. "A group of us bought the merc un Matamata and drove it home - we only wanted the engine for another project but project was never finished. Decided to try the V8 in the middle of the Pop - minimal work on engine mounts and extra cross members to fit it in. Interior panels of galvanised sheet metal for firewall etc. Entry via left hand door to ex aircraft seat in right rear over axel. It's only outing was a TVCC quarter mile at Te Kawana Rd in Te Aroha in October 68. best time of 18.3 seconds - a one run wonder - Ian McLeod"

Clothes - they make you not nude.

This poor chap has no arms or head or anything below the waist - please give generously. We have new stock of the "Manky" T shirts - black only and sizes medium, large and XL. $40 - email me at to get one. New batch of stickers in stock too - $1 each.

Mal's Chopper

People may cover the head for other reasons. A hat is a piece of clothing covering just the top of the head. This may be part of a uniform, such as a police uniform, a protective device such as a hard hat, a covering for warmth, or a fashion accessory. Mal's shovel head with pan cases won best chopper at Born Too Late, full feature in next issue of OnePercent.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Scroungers Hot Rod Blowout - prime real estate.

Think you know all the tricks to operate his joystick? Think again! Here's how to use your tongue, lips, and, yes, even teeth on his prime real estate in ways you’ve never imagined.