Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monsta X - Peter Jackson's outrage at new Head Like a Hole Video.

Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit director Peter Jackson has today expressed outrage at local hard rock stalwarts Head Like A Hole after viewing their latest music video for the song Monsta X. Jackson says "these cunts have stolen all my secrets, you don't have to be particularly smart to see that many of the filming techniques are text book Jackson, textbook me. Frankly, I feel used, betrayed and angry. What is really worrying is that if these clowns can make a work of art like this, that let's face it - will be more popular than Rings and Hobbit put together, what's left for me and my career? I'm going down to the dole office this morning to sign on - I'm washed up, it's over". Head Like A Hole band spokesman Nigel "Booger" Beazley responded to Jackson's comments late yesterday by saying "If Pete's got a problem he should just, you know, give me a fuckin' call man... - fuckin' Hobbit was too long anyway bro. Pete's gotta realise three minutes and 19 seconds is plenty long enough for any movie. Get with the program ya rich cunt".

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