Wednesday, May 15, 2013

S.P.E.R.M - please give generously.

On behalf of ourselves, we ask you to take a moment to think about S.P.E.R.M and give generously.
S.P.E.R.M stands for the Society for the Protection of the Extremely Retarded Magazine publisher.
These people (us) need your help - often Extremely Retarded Magazine publishers live terrible lives, having to ask for free drinks where ever they (we) go, living with the constant knowledge that they (we) can't really operate cameras and are often illiterate - but still need to produce substandard tripe for each  issue of there (our) incoherent and out of focus, downward spiralling magazine(s). With your help we can spread the essence of S.P.E.R.M all over the place and help these (us) poor souls to continue with their (our) pathetic enterprise. Feel free to share our S.P.E.R.M with as many people as you can. S.P.E.R.M needs a hand from you to get the job done - the best way to help these fuck-tards is to buy a copy of OnePercent either from their (our) online store, from a bookstore near you (ha ha ha!) or by emailing - T shirts and stickers are also available. S.P.E.R.M covers the world so when considering, S.P.E.R.M please give generously.

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