Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monster Man RIP

Back in April 2010 myself, Brother Ashton, Chris Piaggi and John Pavlovich went on a mission.
In the late 50's Bill Grant built one of the country's first drag cars. Powered by a V12 Allison aircraft engine, the car was aptly named Monster. The Scroungers had brought Monster up from Wellington for the Blowout and before returning it the plan was to reunite man and machine - maybe for the last time. Bill was 85 at the time and was in pretty poor health. We headed for Tauranga with Monster in tow and knew what we were doing was pretty damn important. As it turns out it would be the last time Bill got to see his old car. We got word yesterday that Bill has passed away - it was an honour to meet the guy. R.I.P Bill Grant, a pioneer.


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