Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm having a Psychotic Reaction, thank you.

This is Augie "exotic inductions" Delgado and his fucking excellent Nova. Augie is an injection guru and I was lucky enough to sit around and shoot the shit with him for a couple of hours while visiting his buddies shop in LA. He had some great stories. No, he had some GREAT stories! And he gave me some good advice for setting up my Hilborn "cash furnace" mechanical fuel injection. Did I mention his Nova was RAD? Daily street driven Y'all.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

That was then, this is now. Stay gold Pony boy!

Hello Aaron and Andrew,
I met you guys at your stand at the Scroungers Blowout . I like your style and the magazines content you guys are keeping alive the lifestyle we had when we were teenagers in the early 70s messing around in old cars (American of course) and building way out there choppers from Triumphs BSA,s and  when we could find one the odd Indian or Harley ,there was no imported H-Ds way back then.
I promised then (2 years ago) to send pics of my old bike and my ride today.

The 1972 pictures are of my 1946 ULH 1200 cc Flathead chopper,
15inch over springer forks H D 16 inch rear wheel original H D frame with raked neck.
Back legs of the springer were made from 1946 Ford radius rods (same shape and section as HD forks). In those days we made everything ourselves. The gearbox was pre unit Triumph. All Chain drive. Original HD tin covers.

TODAY my scoot is far less out there but just as custom and built from left over or second hand parts and new import parts. Frame is a 1972 Santee hard tail rigid, engine is 1985 EVO 1340 cc HD.
Gearbox ; 1972 revtech 4 speed rachet top kick start.

The scoot rides well is reliable and starts nearly always first kick, (just as well for my old rattly bones.) The die hard purists will say shame its an EVO engine .Fuck them they don’t have to ride it. For me it’s right on!  Reliable and fast enough for me.
I’ve had em all - flatties , Knucklehead, Pans and shovels. The EVO engine is a good engine.

Cheers, Don

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nice Tins!

Couple weeks ago I was at AMP's picking up some parts for the Shovelhead when I spied some rad looking tins in a display cabinet - turns out they were the handywork of Andrew Morris of Whenuapai Auto Refinish. I dropped into his workshop on Saturday and snapped some pics - it was well worth the trip - Andrew's a nice guy with some real skills in the paint dept.