Monday, September 23, 2013

Degrees Of Separation

Well fancy that - you sell something on the anonymous playing field that is the inter-webs and someone you know buys it. I had a Berry & Chung shifter handle that I was selling along with a bunch of other stuff (to finance my Hilborn Cash Furnace) and the winner of the auction was Steve Simpson. Steve's a talented body man and the shifter is for a project he's getting stuck right into - a Graham Berry built front engine dragster.
While Tony Billington used to run it with a 283, Steve is setting it up with flathead power inc. Hogan heads and as many Berry & Chung parts as he can find. The sheet metal is also going to have a little more shape to it than the original slightly boxy car in the old pic below. Can't wait to see this at the nostalgia drags.

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