Saturday, September 14, 2013

Who takes who home? Just pop your keys in the bowl.

Well last night I finally managed to load up Tumblin' Dice onto a trailer and take it to brother Piaggi's place so we can get the injection happening and start on the new headers. With little room at the workshop something had to give so the Monkey Mobile has come to my place for a vacation. I always hate it when the car is out of the shed but man it is crazy having a Model A Tourer with this much history sitting in it's place. There is actually a ton to take in on this car and I just sat in it for 20 minutes this morning checking shit out. This is a proper 60's surviver and it's super interesting poking your nose around it. Sure I've seen it many many times but there is something different about having time to soak up the details. In the meantime Tumblin' Dice awaits - there is much to do before summer!

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