Sunday, October 27, 2013

North Shore Rod & Custom Club 50th Anniversary 1963 - 2013

"It all started with and ad in the North Shore Times for anybody interested in forming a Hot Rod club to go to a small hall in Kilarney St Takapuna.
The meeting was convened and run by the fledgling NZ Hot Rod Associatio, fronted by a couple of smooth dudes decked out in club jackets etc - Robert H Rossiter and Robert L Campbell (the two bob show). A bunch of car nuts, mainly teenage kids, went along including Brian Thurston, Harvey Ferguson, Alan Smail and Graeme Duncumb.
The two slick talkers sent us off all keen and armed with details on how to start a club. We did just that, calling it North Shore Rod & Custom - I think the idea was that as we didn't have a lot of Hot Rods, anything else could loosely be classified a custom."

Alan Smail
Foundation Member

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  1. Dad, your a legend. Never chasing the limelight but always there due to your hard work and abilities.