Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking forward/backward to this...

They got the 'possum in the pot!

I was driving to work this morning and my old friend Josh Hetherington came to mind. I was thinking about some of the adventures we've had - the innumerable nights spent in airless practice rooms, sharing the stage playing shows all over the place, making an album together, the time Tim Rogers had a little too much medicine and requested Josh's assistance ("Just punch me Josh, in the face man!") or hanging out with Greg Dulli after supporting The Twilight Singers "where'd ya get them britches!?" Good times. Then I got to work and sitting on my desk was a package from the chap himself.  Show Me Where It Hurts - are celebrating the release of there first single at Lucha Lounge Friday 4th April. I have no doubt that chickens will get shook, goons will be kissed and Hony Tonky Joe will be there. You should be there too!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Satin Lives!

Saturday at New Lynn Bowl was A RIPPER - we did the old concrete bitch proud. So good to see skaters, bikers, motorcycle and Hot Rod cats all meowing together. We'll do it all again next year!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

What to do in a cyclone - go driving!

Friday we were invited to go check out the unveiling of a rad new Roth styled bubble top rod out at Auto & Aero in Pukekohe. The weather forecast wasn't great but we took the roadsters anyway - sure glad we did. Not a drop of rain fell and what a blast! The guys over at NZV8 mag have a full feature on Luke's "Little Menace" bubble top coming soon so check that out for full details, I'll just say this - it's damn cool and not something most would attempt. On the way to Auto & Aero we stopped at Mike Hoopers who always has something awesome to look at in his collection of... stuff! Mike Roberts has been getting a ton of shake down miles in on his truck and it was cool to see it out too - a work of art. New head rests, some cool HPC coating in various places and the top is covered now also. Can't look at it too long though, sucks you in like a vortex. Must. Walk. Away!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More from the Quicksilver Art studio

Here's a couple more cool shots of Larry Fator's tools of the trade.

All Amped Up!

Since I got the car running the battery hasn't really been up to the job. It wasn't holding charge and as it turns out just wasn't powerful enough for a V8 application. The gas tank is also something that I'm changing to increase capacity. It's one of those things that was fine to get things happening but now I want to dial in. Since I wanted to put a new battery in and create more space for the new tank I started by getting a new battery and repositioning it.

This is how things looked with the deck lid removed
This is the new battery the guys at Century Yuasa suggested. It's a monster as far as power and is also physically bigger so some thinking was required as far as repositioning.
Luckily this battery is non-spilable so I was able to position it horizontally in the center-front of the compartment. This leaves much more space for a larger tank. The best part is that the car starts great every time and that's pretty damn reassuring. Running the mechanical fuel injection can require a little more cranking on initial start up since you drain the fuel in the system with the fuel cut off valve to shut the engine down. I'll post more pics of the new custom tank as I make progress.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meet Doug Coulter - legend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nostalgia Drags News

The Nostalgia Drags at Fram Autolite Dragway is shaping up to be a beauty this year. It's always my favourite day at the drags but this year there will also be a display of Nostalgia Drag Racing. The idea is similar to that of the California Hot Rod Reunion where there are race cars on display as well as what's racing. It's looking like these cars will be in attendance so far - Baloo, Hombre, Phoenix funny car, ex Martin & Rea dragster, Hillbilly, Sanders Lucas dragster, Green Meanie, The Pie Ford Pop, Ron Collett Fiat, Dr Zhivago, Dore & Batts Fiat, Robin Unkovich dragster, Piaggi & Pavlovich altered, Hay family '32 roadster and any other race cars which are not racing but represent NZ drag racing history from dragsters to doorslammers to altereds to funny cars and so on. There will be a designated area for the vehicles on display and each car will entitle the owner to free entry to the event. For further information contact Deano Anderson 0274 992 947 or Greg Stokes 021 955 459