Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All Amped Up!

Since I got the car running the battery hasn't really been up to the job. It wasn't holding charge and as it turns out just wasn't powerful enough for a V8 application. The gas tank is also something that I'm changing to increase capacity. It's one of those things that was fine to get things happening but now I want to dial in. Since I wanted to put a new battery in and create more space for the new tank I started by getting a new battery and repositioning it.

This is how things looked with the deck lid removed
This is the new battery the guys at Century Yuasa suggested. It's a monster as far as power and is also physically bigger so some thinking was required as far as repositioning.
Luckily this battery is non-spilable so I was able to position it horizontally in the center-front of the compartment. This leaves much more space for a larger tank. The best part is that the car starts great every time and that's pretty damn reassuring. Running the mechanical fuel injection can require a little more cranking on initial start up since you drain the fuel in the system with the fuel cut off valve to shut the engine down. I'll post more pics of the new custom tank as I make progress.


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