Monday, March 31, 2014

They got the 'possum in the pot!

I was driving to work this morning and my old friend Josh Hetherington came to mind. I was thinking about some of the adventures we've had - the innumerable nights spent in airless practice rooms, sharing the stage playing shows all over the place, making an album together, the time Tim Rogers had a little too much medicine and requested Josh's assistance ("Just punch me Josh, in the face man!") or hanging out with Greg Dulli after supporting The Twilight Singers "where'd ya get them britches!?" Good times. Then I got to work and sitting on my desk was a package from the chap himself.  Show Me Where It Hurts - are celebrating the release of there first single at Lucha Lounge Friday 4th April. I have no doubt that chickens will get shook, goons will be kissed and Hony Tonky Joe will be there. You should be there too!

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