Sunday, March 16, 2014

What to do in a cyclone - go driving!

Friday we were invited to go check out the unveiling of a rad new Roth styled bubble top rod out at Auto & Aero in Pukekohe. The weather forecast wasn't great but we took the roadsters anyway - sure glad we did. Not a drop of rain fell and what a blast! The guys over at NZV8 mag have a full feature on Luke's "Little Menace" bubble top coming soon so check that out for full details, I'll just say this - it's damn cool and not something most would attempt. On the way to Auto & Aero we stopped at Mike Hoopers who always has something awesome to look at in his collection of... stuff! Mike Roberts has been getting a ton of shake down miles in on his truck and it was cool to see it out too - a work of art. New head rests, some cool HPC coating in various places and the top is covered now also. Can't look at it too long though, sucks you in like a vortex. Must. Walk. Away!

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