Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snake & Mongoose

Brother Ashton and I grew up out East and there used to be a run down old cinema on the main street where we lived called The Monterey. It was before there were cinema complexes all over the place and you watched what was on at the Monterey, you didn't get a choice of multiple movies to choose from. They always played old movies too, you just never knew what was going to be showing. My little brother and I would go to the Monterey every week pretty much, it was run down and people called it the rat pit - but damn it was fun. We used to go exploring behind the screen and generally have a blast. When the movie The Decline Of The Western Civilisation 2 came out Brother Ashton and I went to see it and some dudes managed to smuggle a keg of beer into the theatre - how the fuck do you smuggle a keg? Anyway - the old Monterey got demolished and is now apartments but there is a newer version down the road and Dale at Traditional Speed has organised a couple of nights when Snake & Mongoose will play - awesome! Make sure you contact Dale to get your tickets.

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