Friday, January 16, 2015

Hot hot heat and bread and meat and munters on motorized fucking chilly bins.

Kumeu - another year. It was grand, well it was grand until I was woken by some CUNTS car alarm at 5am after hitting the sack at 4am and then re-awakening a couple of hours later in a caravan at a temperature close to that of the surface of the sun. I love what Squeak and Wellsey do with Retro Junction, damn fine lineup of cars this year. Amazes me also just how many people go to this event and how many cars are stuffed away in garages. I left at lunchtime Saturday to check out Born Too Late 5 - glad I did…
 Love this '32 from Rocket
 Piaggi Apache
 Shoot me now
 Gold Digger - cool car
 Kelly's 390 powered roadster is v cool and for sale, bargain too
 Cool to see Luke's bubble car there - Theresa is very frustrated at the lack of respect for realist painting skills.
 All business - and business is good
 Chalked and un-corked - Mal Turner's Hemi powered A
 Pretty cool Pop set up for small black chev
 Squeak likes things NEAT & TIDY
 Neil Surtees hand made RPU. Nothing he does is normal
 Loved this car - Topolino street car that got tucked away down Rotorua way some years back but now on track for completion
 Never get sick of this car - goes like a mutherfucker too

Highlight of my weekend seeing this in the swap meet area. Always wanted to play Wemby.

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