Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting to know me, getting to know you.

With the visit of the Burbank Choppers to the Scroungers Hot Rod Blowout in March, we thought it might be a good time for a virtual introduction. Here's a bit of background on each of the members and some shots of the cars they own. See, feels like you know them already right? 

Deron Wright
Occupation: Television Props
Cars : 1941 Ford Custom, 1932 Ford 3 Window
Favorite Movie Monster: Frankenstein
Favorite Magazine: MAD

Aaron Kahan
Occupation: Art Director Galpin Ford
Cars: 1932 Ford 5 window, 1927 Ford coupe "Bad News"
Favorite Car Customizer, Barris Kustoms
Favorite Hot Rod artist, Von Dutch

Keith Weesner
Occupation: Artist
Cars: 1929 Ford roadster, 1950 Ford custom
Favorite Band: Gun Club
Favorite Custom, Ralph Jileck's '40 Ford

Jack Carroll
Occupation: Hollywood Set Builder
Car: 1932 Ford 5 window
Favorite Breakfast: Capt. Crunch
Favorite Book: The Outsiders

Jon Fisher
Occupation: Cartoon Animation
Cars: 1929 Ford roadster, 1936 Ford custom,  (Valley Custom built) '32 Ford 5 window.
Favorite Movie: Vertigo
Favorite Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Steve Uhl
Occupation: Hollywood Special Effects
Car: 1932 Ford 5 Window
Favorite Beer: Coors
Favorite Candy: Twin Bing (not Big Cherry)!

Verne Hammond
Occupation: Hollywood Set Builder
Cars: 1940 Ford custom, 1934 Ford 3 window and 1929 Ford roadster
Favorite Television Show: The Munsters
Favorite Show Car: Beatnik Bandit

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